About Kelly O’Connor

 Kelly O'connor
Kelly O'Conner Hi. I’m Kelly O’Connor. I created “I Got It In Paris” — a fashion and beauty advice blog, because I love fashion!For the past 17 years, I’ve been staying on top of fashion for homes as a designer in my interior design firm called “A Room With A View”. I feel fashion for your body is very similar. Trends vary by season and I make it my business to stay in tune with the latest trends and colors.
 Kelly O'Connor In the past few years, a lot of my clients inquired about my style and asked where I shop. Fashion has really been a hobby for me – up until now. This blog lets me share fashion and beauty ideas in a way that is easy, fun, and helpful to fashion-forward bloggers hungry for a little free professional advice, like you.Consider me as “your own personal stylist”. Ask me questions and put me to work. I am here for you.
 Kelly O'Conner Fun Facts

  • Great Husband of 20+ years.
  • 2 wonderful children
  • Favorite food sushi
  • Love Pilates
  • 3 orange cats
 Kelly O'Connor I Love Hello Kitty ! Everyone has something they collect. For me it’s Hello Kitty T-shirts . She is such a classic of childhood and I think they are just campy and fun. You can never have enough t-shirts!!!
My shoe collection Here’s My Closet : If I had to pick one designer that is my favorite, which is hard, but I  would have to say Diane Von Furstenberg. I love her clothes. She has great dresses, which I love! Dresses are my favorite thing to buy. Even if I don’t have an occasion to wear it,I know when an event comes up I’m ready!!!     My sweet little Eva: I am a total cat lover! I have three orange cats Eva is the baby and is such the princess.
My shoe collection I love shoes! All brands and styles. I have everything form Jimmy Choo to Mossimo from Target.  I have a hard time parting with them, because you never know if you’ll need that shoe for that perfect outfit out there waiting to be matched up.  My shoes rotate from season to season. The decorator in me always likes to keep them color coordinated and certain styles together to give my closet some order. I would love to say they are always this neat, but my friends can tell you other wise.

I’d like to give a special thanks to XpressionsByHeather for the photographs.

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